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Eating, Shopping, and Boating at Downtown Disney Marketplace

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Downtown Disney in Lake Buena Vista is easy to get to from any of the Walt Disney World resorts – the resorts offer transportation. The Marketplace in Downtown Disney is a great place to shop, eat, or take a boat ride. To avoid the crowds, read on.

Good Eats

Let’s say the first thing you want to do is eat so that you have plenty of energy for shopping and nobody gets irritable.

Looking for seafood? Cap’n Jack’s Oyster Bar is open from 11:30 am to 10:30 p.m. Sit at a table by the waterfront and look out over the lake. Specialties are all things fishy, including crab cakes, seafood pasta, and clam chowder.

Maybe you’re hungry for some Latin chicken with fried plantains and yucca fries. At Pollo Campero, the chicken is famous. The restaurant, located in an old McDonald’s, also has a health-conscious menu featuring vegetarian, organic, low-sodium, gluten-free and sugar-free meals.

But maybe you’re not looking for healthy. You want rich, creamy and sweet. Like an ice-cream sundae! But not just any sundae, but made from the best chocolate – Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Who doesn’t love a soda fountain? You remember those, right? But you don’t have to be unhealthy about it. Ghirardelli’s offers fat-free, sugar-free ice cream. Go early. This place is crowded at night.

Dreaming of eating out in a rainforest? The Rainforest CafĂ© offers steak and seafood, sandwiches, pasta, and salads, as well as burgers and dogs for the kids. You can eat amidst banyan trees, waterfalls, and animatronic wild animals. Expect a “thunderstorm” now and then. Gaze at the colorful tropical fish in the saltwater aquarium. If you’re looking for a special drink, try to the bar under the giant Magic Mushroom.

If you’ve got gourmet tastes but don’t want to linger, head over to the Wolfgang Puck Express, a fast-food version of the famous Wolfgang Puck Restaurant in Downtown Disney’s West Side. The price is moderate and the place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A sampling of the menu: French toast and waffles, muffins, omelets, and fruit for the morning; rotisserie chicken, soups, salads, wood-fired pizza, ice cream and cookies during the rest of the day.

The Earl of Sandwich might be the place if you’re really in a hurry. The Earl makes fresh sandwiches on the spot using their special sauces and spreads. They’re also famous for their pastries and ice-cream sandwiches. Very reasonably priced.

Really on the go? Look for kiosks around the Marketplace where you can refresh yourself with coffee drinks, smoothies, snacks, and even Margaritas.

Now you’re ready to hit the shops.

You’re a Disney fan so you want Disney stuff. Mickey’s Pantry is the place if you’re a cook. There you can find waffle irons, dinner plates, and coffee mugs with a Mickey theme. You can also pick up some tea, spices, sea salt, and flavored sugars in the “Spice & Tea Exchange” section.

What would Disney World be without toys? Once Upon a Toy Store has more Disney-themed toys than you ever dream of. The place looks like it was made out of Lincoln Logs. You can also find Disney DVDs.

More toys? Dream of a shop exclusively devoted to LEGOs? LEGO Imagination Center has, well, every kind of LEGO imaginable, plus all kinds of games, clothing, and kits. Make use of the gigantic outdoor play zone. And watch out for the LEGO sea serpent in the lake.

Are you a collector of all things Disney? At The Art of Disney, you’ll find all sorts of Disney-themed artwork as well as Walt Disney Classic Collection figurines, crystal and china. The best part is that there’s a range of prices for everyone.

If you want to make you own art, design your own tee-shirt at Disney Design-A-Tee. Easy-to-use computers help you through the creative process. Choose a character like Tinker Bell and write your own text.

And don’t forget your Disney holiday decorations. At Disney’s Days of Christmas, you’ll find ornaments, hats, stockings all in Disney character, including Disney holiday movies and decorations for Hanukkah.

Personal Princess Care

At the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique inside the World Of Disney Store, you can be transformed into a princess. Disney Diva, Fairytale Princess, and Pop Princess are the fantasy hairstyles for little girls aged three and older. It’s best to make a reservation at this salon. To have your hair, makeup and even your nails done Disney princess style, call 407) WDW-STYLE or (407) 939-7895.

Also in World Of Disney Store – a world of natural bath and facial products at Basin, including scented candles, bath crystals, and special soaps.

The World of Disney Store, by the way, is a huge, fifty-thousand square-foot mall filled with every possible Disney must-have item, from towels and to princess outfits to watches, magnets, and computer software.

Feeling Sporty Now?

Whether you play golf, baseball, or something else, at the Team Mickey Athletic Club, you’ll find all kinds of sports apparel, ESPN merchandise, and memorabilia. Even Disney-themed bowling balls to give you that magic edge.

Or maybe you feel like getting dressed up for that romantic boat ride you’re going to take later. At Tren-D the stuff is hip and stylish. Shop for Disney Couture clothing, designer jewelry, and purses made out of candy wrappers.

The Boat Ride on the Village Lake

You’re all duded up and glittery princess-like now. At Cap’n Jack’s Marina, you can rent a Sea Raycer if there’s only one or two of you, canopy boats for up to eight people, and pontoon boats for a group of up to ten. Cap’n Jack’s also offers cruises and bass fishing expeditions.

Experience the Rainforest Wonders of Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica

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In the small village of Tortuguero, Hispanic, Afro-Caribbean, and Miskito Indian cultures come together, and the music of Spanish and Creole English fills the air. But of all the influences that combine to create this unique corner of Costa Rica, perhaps none is as significant as that of its most famous residents: its turtles. Endangered green turtles, as well as giant leatherback, loggerhead, and hawksbill turtles, nest here. Once on the brink of extinction (because of a taste for turtle soup and the belief that the eggs are aphrodisiacs), Tortuguero National Park has helped preserve these magnificent creatures. They are just one of the wonders you will find in this Costa Rican paradise.

Tortuguero National Park was established in 1970, and today it stretches over 46,000 acres and includes 22 miles of protected nesting beach. To encourage the preservation of turtles without hurting the local economy and way of life, the Caribbean Corporation for Conservation (CCC) began promoting ecotourism, hiring locals to count turtle tracks, and then later, businesses like hotels and shops began to bring in steady income. Many locals earn money by becoming guides for visitors, who must be accompanied on beaches after 6pm. Tortuguero National Park offers a great balance and coexistence between man and nature.

More than 50,000 visitors come each year to see the giant turtles; but there are plenty of other natural wonders to keep their attention once they arrive. The network of canals, mostly freshwater creeks and lagoons, offer an abundance of wildlife, including Spectacled Caiman, various crustaceans, Southern River Otters, and more than 50 species of fish. You can indulge your inner fisherman and try for some Atlantic Snook and tarpon. You may also spot capuchin, howler, and spider monkeys and dozens of bird species.

But wait, there’s more. Tapirs, jaguars, slots, macaws, frogs, bulldog bats, and more make their homes in the rich alluvial floodplains. Coconut trees, banak, orchids, hollio palm, crab wood, tamarind, and heliconias provide vivid color.

Tortuguero has a warm climate, with daytime highs in the upper seventies. This is a tropical paradise, so expect tropical weather. This means be prepared for humidity! Bring water and wear loose fitting cotton clothing so you enjoy your trip to its fullest. Mid-August through early November is the hot summer season with little rain, and February through May are usually sunny with a little rain. No matter when you go, though, keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities of this Costa Rican village and its incredible National Park.

How to Plan a Trip to the Rainforest

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Another great thing about Australia is the many rainforests spread over the six states in Australia. In fact, in Tasmania, more than 40% percent of the state is declared as forest reserves. If you want to something out of the ordinary and the typical shopping and sightseeing vacation holiday, you should try planning a trip to one of the rainforests. Here are a few pointers for planning a vacation holiday to a rainforest.

o Do some research and pick the right place for your vacation holiday. There are many rainforests and national parks all over Australia; you can make your way to the Tasmania or even Queensland where you will find the Daintree National Park. Every rainforest and national park has its own charm and special features.

o Find what kind of accommodation you will be comfortable in and make reservations in advance. You will find self contained cabins embedded in the rainforests, hotels close by and also eco lodges. With the internet, you can do book everything online and also have a glimpse of at the accommodation.

o Make a well planned itinerary of the things you want to do on your trip. And list out the number of things you want to cover. List out all the things you would like to experience, like outdoor activities, sights you want to see and all the other things you would like to do.

o Find out all the travel details and official documents you need if you are travelling to a remote rainforest. You may need a visa or get one on arrival. Make sure you have all the documents you need; have had copies made just in case.

o Make sure you are in good shape to go for a vacation holiday to the rainforest. You have to be fit to go on the different trails and to go hiking. So get into shape and train for your rainforest trip. You may need special vaccines for the trip. Some need to be taken weekly, while some monthly, so you need to plan your trip well in advance.

o Pack well and pack light, especially if you are backpacking through different rainforests and other rugged terrains as well. Pack for cool nights, sudden rains and also make sure you have all the medicine you need for a safe trip. Pack a first aid box; it is extremely important when you’re in the rainforest. Take hot bags and blankets as well.