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Downtown Disney Shopping Options – Part 4

Posted on November 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you got tired already of visiting all four Disney theme parks and even cooled off with the two water parks that they have to offer, why not just party, shop, dine over at the Downtown Disney Area. The area is divided into three sections namely Downtown Disney West Side, Downtown Disney Marketplace, and Pleasure Island. In this article we take a look on some of the shops and boutiques that you might consider doing some wonderful purchases. They have a variety of items to offer and would fit your reasonable budget. Here is the final installment of the shops in Downtown Disney.

EuroSpain/Arribas Brothers – This shop offers a lot of some one of a kind gifts, but they specialize in creating crystals. Visitors can witness some some talented craftsmen creating some wonderful pieces. There are some items as well that can be personalized.

Lego Imagination Center – For all the lego addicts out there, here is the store that sells anything and everything about Lego. From the basic blocks to their most up to date themes there is every kit for everyone. Besides the shop, they even have 3,000 square feet of play area. There are even photo spots that you can catch photos of some of those fantastic creations like the sea serpent by the lake.

Goofy’s Candy Company – For those who have sweet tooth or not, this candy store is the one for you. At less than $3 per quarter pound you can treat yourself to rows and rows of self serve bins. There are some that are already pre packed and for sale and some are in glass displays filled with your favorite treats.

Lefty’s – The Left Hand Store – Who wouldn’t have thought that there is a store for left handed? Yes, it could be found in Downtown Disney. They sell items such as pens, pencils, cooking utensils that fits for those people who are lefties.

Hand Arts Memories – Art is totally creative in many different ways. Even your own handprints can be personalized by these hand-painted artists. This is truly a priceless souvenir.

Rainforest Café Shop – Be a nature lover as this shop offers some merchandise that is hard to resist. From clothes, mugs, postcards, toys, candy and some private label condiments, your visit to the Rainforest café is superb with a good meal and some distinctive souvenirs.